Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Filled Ending

A lot has happened these last few weeks.

The students took Pauline Epistles where Brian Westnedge took them through the letters of Paul and they all throughly enjoyed his teaching. 

They wrote their exam Friday afternoon, and Friday evening they ran an event called ONE where all the youth groups in the Cowichan Valley came to together at Camp Qwanoes and the students ran the youth night. 

The next Monday we went indoor rock climbing in Victoria. Everyone had a great time and sore forearms for the next few days.

Sid Koop came back for a few days to finish up the class Camp and Youth Ministry. The students have presentations of a retreat that they had planned in groups and presented it to Sid, and the executive Director Scott Bayley, and his wife Julie, Director of Program. 

The day after their class ended, camp had a juniors retreat come in that all the students helped out with it as their last retreat of the year. 

The next few days were filled with paper writing and finishing up some assignments before we left for our final trip of the year. 

We hopped in the vans and travelled across the island to Bamfield. It is a small town down a two hour dirt road along the ocean. We had a great time and got to enjoy each other in the peacefulness of the town. 

We came back and the students crushed out on last paper. On Wednesday we hiked up Maple Mountain for our last chapel of the year being reminded of our theme, Abide, and took communion together. 

Parents began to arrive and we were in full swing with our Grad Retreat. The students were able to enjoy the last few days together as a class and had the opportunity to celebrate with their parents. 


For our students as they transition from being in this community and move into their summer plans at home, camp, working, and wherever else they might find themselves.

Thanks for all your prayer this year and for following with us!

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