Thursday, October 3, 2019

Week 3: Spiritual Theology

It was the first class of the year for the students this past week. Professor Cal Macfarlane flew in from Saskatchewan to teach Introduction to Spiritual Theology.

"I found Introduction to Spiritual Theology very insightful. At the end of the class, I felt like I had a better understanding of how to apply each of the spiritual disciplines and make God the centre of everything in my day to day life". - James Vanderqwaak

On Thursday afternoon, the students set off for their silent retreat. This was a new experience for most where they would use what they had just learned in class and now apply it to real life. They spent 18 hours in silence and solitude, which meant that they spent time away from distractions of school, food, even people, and devoted all their time to be in the presence of God.

For some, they came back with stories of how God had clearly spoken to them and revealed specific things either about themselves, God, or the next steps they needed to take in their lives. For others, it was a time to practice undevoted attention to the Lord, learning to wait, listen, and enjoy being in his presence.

The next morning, the students all got together and gathered on the dock with Cal and some of the leaders to have communion together. It was a really special moment as all the students came together after experiencing such a deep and challenging experience with God.

After class on Friday morning, they had time to study one last time and finished their first exam of the year.

On Saturday, students and staff from Qwanoes attended the Island Youth Worker Conference. Different speakers came from all over. The staff and students decided which sessions to listen to and gathered in-between times for worship, community, and a little bit of 9 square.

Our next big out trip we are going on is the surf trip to Tofino. The students will leave this Thursday and are looking forward to shredding the waves as they have become even closer with each other. We will be staying over at a church in Ucluelet overnight. This will be another opportunity for the friendships that are already built to become deeper through new experiences while in and out of the water.

Continue to pray for:

- Saftey on the surfing trip; including transportation and being in the water. As well as good weather.
- Deepen their relationships. Not letting any boundaries get in the way.
- God to speak into their lives through being in his creation.
- The students to continue in vulnerability and openness towards what God has in store for them.

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