Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Week 10: Old Testament

This past week, the Kaleo students had their Old Testament class with Don Taylor. It was packed with lots of stories, history, lessons, and a wack load of filming.

When the sun was shining, the students got to go outside for a short hike and experience a little bit of class outside.

They worked together over the last two and a half weeks to make an Old Testament video to go along with this class. The students chose "obedience" as the focus of the video with "The Office" as their creative theme. 

Whether or not you've seen The Office, it was easy to catch what the typical office humour is like. Who knew the Old Testament and The Office could be pulled off together?

(Noah's Ark... a smaller version)

(Moses after walking up the mountain)

(Abraham walking his son up to be a sacrifice)

During this process, the students learned how to lead in many different ways. Whether that was through leading as directors, actors, behind the scenes, or by the way they listened and followed. There were many memories and laughs made along the way. 

(Jacob trying to explain how he "didn't kill Esau")

(Jochebed giving birth to Moses)

(The Israelites worshipping the golden calf)

Along with the fun of filming, the students had to learn how to work together well and communicate under a time crunch. It was a challenging but rewarding process. 

(King Darius happy that Daniel survived the lion's den)

(Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego putting on some aloe after NOT getting burned in the furnace)

(The whale that ate, and then spat up Jonah)

On Friday, the video was presented to all of the staff and students at Camp Qwanoes. All their hard work had come to an end, and it was time to sit back with some popcorn and Koolaid and enjoy the film.

We also had a small campfire down by the beach this weekend in between studying for the Old Testament Exam.

Lastly, to end it all off, this Monday the students finished off their class by completing their Old Testament exam. 

If you want to check out their hard work, there are three short episodes. You can find them at these links:

Continue to pray for:

- Unity within the group
- That the students would be able to be a witness to the community as they are serving the Crofton community this week.
- To find a healthy balance between schoolwork, community, and sleep.

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