Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Beginning. A Verry Good Place to Start

So here we are, finding ourselves in the middle of September, once again gearing up to start Kaléo 2018-2019.  We are so excited for our students to arrive. We have been anticipating the day we get to welcome all the students here to Camp Qwanoes to begin the Kaléo program.

Kaléo Program Leaders (left to right):
Corey Reimer, Program Leader, Sarah McQarrie, Female Intern, Daniel MacCallum, Male Intern, Kurt Jones, Assistant Program Leader. 
We are feeling so good about this group of 18 young people that God had called from all across Canada to devote this next season of their lives to discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a leader in His Kingdom. Our Kaléo program leaders have been working tirelessly to prepare to welcome the students who are about to embark on a full 8 months of intense learning through the experiences of academics, ministry, leadership, adventure all while submerged in a small community that is contagious for growth.

Upon arrival, the students will be given their room assignments here at Camp Qwanoes in the Pacific Woods Lodge, which looks out over the Pacific Ocean towards Salt Spring Island. When the students have settled in we will begin our orientation, which will include; what life at Qwanoes looks like for the next 8 months, getting to know their leaders, the staff, and each other. The orientation also includes a beach party at Qwanoes beach, a challenge course workshop. Where they will be trained to work in Camp Qwanoes’ challenge course. The students will also learn which churches that they will be attending for the next 8 months, meeting their pastors and discovering in what capacity they will be serving at their church throughout the coming months. We are so excited to meet the students as they arrive and get settled in.

Continue to pray:

For our students as they step into an amazing year of Leadership, Academics, Adventure, Ministry, and Community. As well that their hearts would be softened to ways in which God wants to work in their lives over the coming months.

Stay tuned for photos and updates on the next few days of orientation.

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