Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Week 13: Foundations of Church Ministry

This week the students had their final class of the semester - Foundation of Church Ministry. This class gave the students the ability to think through the practical things about the Church in a way that lead them to have a better understanding about why the church exists and what it is for.

Between class time and small groups students had a lot of time to ask questions and discuss different elements of the church throughout the week. The students found this week really benefical as many of them contemplate whether Church Ministry is what they would like to pursue in their futures.

This week we continued to prepare for Christmas! We had a staff and student Christmas banquet (first photo) where the students enjoyed a Christmas meal with the staff and their families.

Up Next:

Next week the students are finishing up assignments, writing papers, preparing for a talent show, and we will be doing our very own mug exchange.

How to Pray:

You can pray that the students would be diligent in getting their work done.

That they would be able to remember and be thankful for what the Lord has done in their lives throughout this semester.

That they would enjoy the last few days together before the break.

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