Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week 18: Introduction to Theology

This week the students took part in their first class of the semester - Introduction to Thoelogy.
This gave them the ability to think through some thoelogical concepts and for some it helped solidify their foundation.

The students had a really busy week. During the evenings they had small group and were doing a lot of research for their debates which took place on friday morning. Friday afternoon they had their exam.

This past weekend all the Qwanoes staff were gone on a retreat, while the staff were gone two couples came to hang out with the students. All the students had a good time over the weekend. They have had a few different papers due over the last few days and everyone has been working hard to get them done.

Up Next:

We are all off to missions fest in Vancouver on thursday for the weekend. We come back sunday afternoon and then monday morning we are going skiing at Mnt. Washington. Everyone is getting excited to be done school work for a bit and to spend some time in the ski lodge and on the hill.

To Pray:

You can be praying for the students as they are at missions fest that the seminiars would be good for them as they are thinking about different mission opportunities. That they would be challenged and encouraged in their faith and that what they hear would sink in.

You can also be praying for safety as we go skiing next week. That everyone would stay healthy.

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