Monday, September 16, 2019

Week 1: Welcome

They are finally here! Kaléo 2020 officially began Wednesday afternoon as we welcomed 21 students from 7 provinces across Canada. After everyone got registered on Wednesday afternoon we began our orientation. Students began getting to know the people that they would be spending the next eight months with and learning more about what day to day life will look like throughout the coming months.

Among orientation, the students were introduced to the Staff here at Camp Qwanoes learning about the heart of this camp, and the ministry that goes on here. They were also introduced to the pastors of the churches in the area and found out where they would be serving for the coming months. They had an opportunity to meet their pastor, chat about the year and share a meal with them before church this Sunday.

We decided to enjoy an afternoon at Qwanoes Beach, and we didn't let the rain stop us. The students have also engaged in a challenge course workshop where they have learned how to work at Camp Qwanoes' challenge course, leading different course elements for groups that will come this fall. 

The students have become familiarized with the area, and the people and have been prayed over as they have officially begun their eight months of learning and growing into the people that God has designed them to be. 

Continue to pray for:

Our students to remain excited about how God will work in their lives over the coming months. 

Our students to grow closer together in community with each other. 

The upcoming trips that we would have safe traveling, good conditions, and that it would be a time where the students learn more about how God wants to speak to them this year. 


  1. Go kaleo 2020. Praying for you all. Q

  2. Thanks for this- it is great to track with the 2020 Program. We will pray for safety and unity and God's grace throughout the year!!!

  3. I love seeing and knowing how the kids are growing! As a mom...that gives rest to my soul!