Saturday, February 15, 2020

Week 23: Departing on Missions Trips

On Tuesday we had a community lunch with the staff of Camp Qwanoes where they spend some time praying for our missions teams before sending us off early Wednesday morning.

Our Mexico team left bright and early Wednesday morning at 3:30, While our Vancouver team headed to the ferry just before lunch 

Our teams will be gone for a total of 2 weeks, returning back to camp on February 26th. Both groups have worked hard preparing for these trips, fundraising, organizing, and praying for their time in the places they would be serving.

We have worked hard and the time is finally here, so as we are engaging in these trips, serving different people in a variety of capacities, would you please join us in prayer for our teams.

A quote quote from author and speaker Justin McRoberts says;
"What if I believed that neighbourliness was a fundamental human reality and that variations from it were tragic departures? What if a vision of the world made right was at the centre of my psychology? How would I live differently? How would I love differently? Maybe I'de quit far less often than I do. Maybe I'de give weary travellers the opportunity to live into their better selves."

We ask that as you pray for our students you would pray that the words of Mcroberts would continue to become a reality for our students over the course of the next coupe weeks.

Please pray:
- that our teams would embrace the communities that they serve in as their neighbours, loving them with the joy of the Lord.
- our Students to be engaging in their ministries to the fullest of their capacities.
- that our teams would continue to rely on God for the strength to sustain their mental, physical and spiritual energy over the next 2 weeks.
- that our students would have soft hearts to hearing and learning from God and how He wants to work in them and through them.
- that our students would experience an increase in Christ's love in their lives that overflows into the ways they serve the communities they find themselves in.

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