Monday, March 15, 2021

Interdisciplinary Studies and Crabbing

Interdisciplinary Studies

    March 1st-5th the students took Interdisciplinary Studies with Cal MacFarlane. They learned about the dominating philosophies and worldviews that have shaped our culture and how we are to approach this as Christians. It was a challenging class and sparked lots of good conversations throughout the week.

    Some of the students and Julia-the-SLA went to mount Prevost the weekend before and got some sweet photos.


Crabbing Week

    The following week was CRABBING WEEK!!!
    The students had lots of free time on this week to work on homework; but also rotated checking and resetting crab traps from the dock. It was super fun! By the end of the week we only had four crabs, but alas, we cooked them up on the beach and feasted on some crab. MEGA!

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