Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Class Week and Kayaking

This past week was Pauline Epistles with Professor Brian Westnedge. Brian was able to come to teach in person. During this class, the students learned how to better navigate Paul's letters and understand how to apply them to their own lives and within the church. Brian is a lively professor who is very fun and engaging. 

"The class with Brian Westnedge was a blast, whether it be hearing him rap ice, ice baby, or hearing him talk about Paul’s letters, it is all interesting when it comes from him. He was great at keeping myself and the other students engaged by using pop culture references and cracking jokes. Brian made class interesting and made me and my classmates appreciate the writings of Paul and gain a deeper understanding of them. Overall a great class, would recommend it. Brian made the classes seem shorter by giving the class a good atmosphere and creating a good learning environment. It was for sure lit fam." - Oliver Miller

 On Friday the students held a mega post-class dance party as is their custom. Sunday came along and many students broke their lent and headed out to a beach to celebrate. Lots of coffee, meat, and sugar was consumed that day.

On Easter Monday, the students decided to organized their own church service. They had a FUN worship service including your typical "follow after me" actions. Some actions were planned.... and some were spontaneous. Of course, we couldn't forget about the kid's service. Do we have any kids here? No, but we have 25 really easily entertained young adults who love this kind of stuff. So, four of the Kaleo girls put on a puppet show portraying Jesus' resurrection story. We also had three of our students get up and speak about the resurrection and the implications that has on the church and ended off with more worship.

Later that night we all huddled into the Fireside and watched an episode of the Chosen series, season two. If you haven't seen the series, we recommend it!

The next day, we set off for our day kayaking trip. We paddled a lot less on this trip than on our previous kayaking trip. We left in the morning and headed to Saltspring Island. The weather was MEGA. The sun was shining, water was glass, and tunes were bopping. 

When we arrived at a beach, we got to hung out and got to have surprise Dilly Bars. After a while, we hopped back in our kayaks and headed back to camp. 

We're nearing the end of Kaleo now, so we'll do a final update very soon.

Things to be Praying for:

- That students would use their time well nearing the end of Kaleo and work through the emotions of sadness or worry of leaving this community

- Saftey on our upcoming year-end retreat

- motivation to finish the last paper!

- To consider what allegiance (our theme of the year) to Jesus really means in their lives

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