Friday, October 8, 2021

Spiritual Theology, IYWC, and Camp and Youth Ministry (Week 3 & 4)

Welcome back to the blog! It has been a great last couple weeks with the students mostly in class. Lets take a look back at the last two weeks:

Introduction to Spiritual Theology

Last week the students had their very first class with Dr. Callum McFarlane who flew out from Briercrest to teach the class. The students had a great time learning from Cal and thoroughly enjoyed his class as a whole. They learned all about spiritual disciplines (rhythms to help us grow closer in relationship to God and practices that help us become more aware of His prescience in our lives), sanctification (becoming more like Christ) and the "already, but not yet" Kingdom of God! Among the class lectures the students used the evenings to memorize passages from the Bible for the class. Another part of the class that the students participated in was a silent retreat. Basically the students spent 20 hours in solitude, praying, fasting, reflecting, and slowing down to hear from God. It was the first time a lot of students had spent that much consecutive time alone in prayer and it was a great learning and growing experience for all of them. To end the retreat the students and leaders met on the dock and had communion led by Cal. It was a really cool way to reconnect as a community and remember what Christ has done for us. We then broke fast with some yummy pastries and fruit! The students wrapped up the class with an exam on Friday afternoon and just like that, they finished their first Bible college course!!

Island Youth Workers Conference

For the last few years Camp Qwanoes has partnered with Truth Matters Ministries to put on a one day conference to help youth leaders grow in skill, confidence and their own relationships with Jesus. This year the conference was held at Generations Church in Nanaimo. Some of the notable speakers were Cody Matchett, Sid Koop, Krista Penner, Ben Woodman, and many more. On the Saturday after the class all of the students and leaders attended the conference and it was a great day of learning and connection with other youth workers from the surrounding areas. Even through the craziness of COVID it was a great way to gather together, worship, and learn about leadership and Jesus!

Camp And Youth Ministry 

So after a long class week and a busy weekend the students had another class start on this last Monday! They are learning so much right now! It worked out really well because after Sid spoke at the conference he taught the students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the first half of the class. They will have the second half in April to finish off the year. Sid was teaching the students all about programming, relationships, and leadership in regards to camp and youth ministry. He drew from a plethora of his own experience as well as program that his company, Truth Matters Ministries, has developed. It is always a huge blessing having Sid out and the students loved him. 

Moving Forward

Currently the students are working on homework from the last two classes. They have a long weekend this weekend with a Thanksgiving banquet on Monday and then we're off to SALTS!!!

Prayer Requests

  • for continued healing for the students who were sick and/or injured on the hiking trip
  • that the things they learned in the last two weeks would stick and start to transform them into the likeness of Jesus
  • continued unity and growth as a community
Thanks for reading! See you back here for our next Kaleo update! 

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