Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 3: Introduction to Spiritual Theology

This week the students had their first week of class!
This class is with Cal MacFarlane and is centered in living in step with God and discovering different spiritual disciplines to implement into their lives. Cal has been taking them through some fundamentals of the Christian faith and has given them information into the heart of our Christian walk. In order to help them grasp some of these concepts, he does many practical assignments with them. One of these assignments is a silent and fasting retreat. This is where the students before lunch on Thursday were given a cabin to stay in, and fasted from before lunch to Friday morning and were also not to have any communication with anyone else. This experience led them into setting aside time to be with Jesus and allowing Him to work through some things with the students. On Friday morning we all met at the dock and Cal led everyone in communion to break their fast and then we had breakfast together on the dock. It was a beautiful morning and a really nice way to end their retreat.

This week the students evenings have been filled with memorizing around fifty verses, spending time at some of the staff members houses on Tuesday, some fishing, and helping out in their different youth groups. It has definitely been a busy week! 

 photo by Julie Bayley: some staff and students at fireside celebrating Emerson's birthday

Up next and how you can be praying

  • We are heading to Tofino Monday morning until Wednesday evening to spend some time surfing! The students are excited to spend time on the water after being in class this week!
  • You can be praying for safety as we head to Tofino. Also that the students will continue to build and form a community around each other as we go on these out trips.

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