Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Week 7: New Testament

The students this week have been taught under Wes Olmstead in New Testament studies. They have been enjoying getting an indepth understanding of some key highlights of the New Testament. Wes walked with them through Mark in a way that will help them continue to study the gospels on their own. He gave them a quick snapshot of the rest of the New Testament.

The students have been learning how to take what we learn from a classroom and let it impact their relationship with Jesus. You can be praying that this continues throughout the year, and that they will be able to look at their school work as more than something to do and instead something to impact their understanding of God.

This week the students had the option to go to a corn maze and Dairy Queen with the staff! We had a great time running in the dark, playing tag, and getting super muddy. Then we went to Dairy Queen and some of the students potentially ate too much ice cream, but it was a good time.

Coming up

We are heading caving this week! This will be a one day trip to go look at some caves as a group. We will be focusing on prayer and leadership as well. This will stretch the students to learn how to pray intentionally for an hour at a time. The students have signed up for different slots that they will pray in and we have set aside a room for them to use while they pray. We will also be focusing on leadership development so you can also be praying that they will seek personal reflection.

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