Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Week 9: Prayer and Leadership

This week the students were dedicated to prayer and leadership. The week consisted of having a prayer schedule that everyone signed up for at least twice for an hour each time. Some students were nervous to have to pray for an hour at a time so it was a good challenge for them. We set up different stations in the room to help guide the students in prayer. We had a request board, a journal, pages to draw and write on, psalms to read through, and a space to write down praises.

On the last day of prayer we met together to have chapel and take some time to reflect on how the Holy Spirit was working in each of our lives over the week. It was really encouraging for everyone to hear that the Spirit was working so strongly. 

During this chapel the students also were told what mission team they would serve on. Soon the students will begin to send out letters explaining more about what their mission trip will look like, and how people can be praying for them and consider giving financially. 

During the week the students had a leadership workshop everyday that was focused in giving them practical and challenging ways to learn to lead well. Some of the topics that they covered were leading themselves and time management. They were challenged with personal reflection questions also with conversation.   

This past weekend most of the students were involved in our Senior High Retreat.  A few of them were counselling, some were working on All Star Games, some in the kitchen and dish room, and others helping out with various activities. 

Coming Up Next

 The students are in class for Old Testament this week! This week they are also working on a video that gives a quick snapshot of an overview of the Old Testament. The group in charge of Love Crofton has continued to put work into getting it organized.

Continue to pray 

You can be praying that the students continue to have energy as this week is more intense for them then some class weeks. Also, you can be praying for all the different groups as they learn to work together through conflict as well as working efficiently and having a lot of fun.

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