Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Week 26-27 Engaging the Ideas of Our World & Kayaking

Only returning from the missions trips a short time ago, the students have made some hard transitions back into everyday Kaléo life and lots happened since then.

The students had a few days to rest and recover after reuniting from their trips before they dove back into their 'Engaging the Ideas of Our World' class. Where Professor Cal Mcfarlane taught on the ideas of modernity and postmodernity and how this affects the world that we live in today along with the philosophies that people adopt.

It was fun to have a familiar face return from Briercrest as Cal Mcfarlane also taught the very first class, 'Introduction to Spiritual Theology', back in September.

Cal sparked a lot of thought among the students as they were able to recognize some of the philosophies and worldviews that they experienced through the people they met on their recent missions trips.

After finishing up a week of class we had the opportunity to welcome the Chaplin from Briercrest Campus, Cody Matchett, to come out for a few days to teach on the book of James and what the Scriptures say about becoming a follower of Jesus.

While Cody was here we were able to show him around a few of our favorite places in this beautiful province that we are located in.

We said goodbye to Cody, then got out for a day of sea kayaking. We embraced the beautiful west coast March weather and had a blast paddling around seeing some of the sea life and gaining a new perspective on the geography of the valley we live in.

We pulled off onto a beach for lunch.

With a vast spectrum of kayaking experience among our group, we had a ton of fun and were again grateful for the beautiful weather on yet another trip.

Please Pray For:

Our Students as the year comes to a close that they would press into the community around them and be attentive to how God wants to work in their lives.

Students to stay on top of their academics.

Students as they begin to think about the next steps for their lives.

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