Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Week 28: Crabbing & French Beach

As the weather has been significantly warmer we have been as proactive as possible to take advantage of the warmth as much as possible.

We spent a few days catching crabs off of our dock here at Camp Qwanoes anticipating a crab feast. 

We made an event of the feast on the dock enjoying the sun, and community.

With our bellies full and the beginnings of the first sunburn of the year we pulled up our crab traps and made a quick transition into getting ready to go camping at French Beach. 

We left early Thursday morning headed towards the west side of the island.  

We arrived, set up camp and headed down the path from the campsite to the beach. 

Everyone hung out at the beach soaking up as much sun as possible. We ended up playing a game, that involved everyone getting quite creative with the abundance of driftwood and creating some kind of game, structure, or fort. 

The time at the beach was so appreciated by all, it was a time for everyone to take a few days, step away from school work, and reflect on the year thus far in the beauty of creation.

We shared many laughs, played fun games, ate great food cooked over a fire, saw some beautiful sunsets, and drank some delicious coffee. 

After the camping trip, we returned to Qwanoes anticipating the next and final class before gearing up towards graduation.

Please Pray for:

Our Students as they finish class work and begin to think about the end of the year

Pray that our students continue to press into each other and their community as they finish the year.

That the students would stay open to the work that God still wants to do in them before the end of the year. 

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