Monday, October 21, 2019

Week 5: Camp and Youth Ministry

This week we were excited to welcome Sid Koop to come and teach on Camp and Youth Ministry. The students learned about why youth ministries exist along with strategies that have been used in creating successful camp and youth ministries.

This class has a slightly different layout than the rest of the classes throughout the year, this class has 2 parts; this week the students went through the first part which was only 3 days opposed to the typical 5. Sid will then come back in the second semester for 2 more days to finish teaching the class.

This layout allows the students to begin engaging in youth ministries through their church's youth groups and Qwanoes' camp retreats with the ideas and strategies from this class fresh in their minds. Then when the second semester comes around they are able to reflect on their camp and youth ministry experience over the past few months and continue to learn from that.

The students were excited about how practical this class was and how they could begin to apply what they learned immediately during Qwanoes retreats.

We finished the week with a staff and student Thanksgiving dinner where the students were able to connect with some of the Qwanoes staff over a beautiful thanksgiving dinner.

We are so excited as we continue to hear about the ministry opportunities the students are getting in their churches, and with the Qwanoes retreat season now underway there is no shortage of ministry opportunities for students to put their skills to the test.

Please Continue to pray for:

- Our students, as they continue to serve in their churches and at camp retreats.

- That the students would stay diligent in staying on top of their homework.

- That the students would let everything that they are learning sink deep into their hearts producing growth in them.

- That the students would continue to grow in relationship with each other and that they would continue to press into the community around them.

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