Friday, November 29, 2019

Week 11: Love Crofton

This past week, the Kaleo program had the opportunity to love Crofton. Each morning they had a team meeting, hopped in the vans, and headed off into town for the day.

For three days, the students went from house to house meeting their neighbours and serving in whatever ways possible. There are so many welcoming and hospitable people in the community. Many students became friends with those they worked for, had meals together, or even homemade snacks.

There was a whole lot of raking as you can see. Thankfully, the sun was shining and they were able to clean up a lot of yards. But that's not the only job they did...

Some walked dogs...

others cleaned out ponds... (Jenna really enjoyed this one)

And others did some miscellaneous work.

Some students even chopped up wood for the day. These pictures don't do justice to the amount they chopped.

Afterwards, we all met up in the guest house around the fireplace to debrief about Love Crofton. Many shared about the experience of what it means to serve and the impact not only did it have on the community, but the impact it had on them too. 

Every chapel, we stand together and say The Jesus Creed. This is where it became more than just words. "To love your neighbour as yourself" became practical in a new way and challenged many to keep on serving in the community. 

We finished off the week with serving the men's retreat. Again, students participated in leading challenge course activities, dishes, and events.

To add to all the fun of this week, Janelle (Our Kaleo program assistant leader) and her husband Levi announced that they are pregnant with their first child. And just when you thought that was exciting, Korey (our Kaleo program leader) and his wife Kassi also announced that they are pregnant with their second child.


- Continued unity within the group.
- Prayer for determination in finishing off well as students are heading into their last class before the semester ends.
- One of our students Abby Mcquarrie has run into numerous problems trying to pay for her second semester at Kaleo. She and all of us here at Kaleo are praying for finances to come in. If you would like to support her, you are welcome to donate towards her tuition  at

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