Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Week 26: Interdisciplinary Studies

We arrived back from our mission trips and celebrated our teams reuniting once again, everyone quickly reintegrating with each other eager to hear about one another's trips.

For the days following the trips, we went through some debrief with the students to help them process what they had experienced, asking questions like; What was hard? How did you see God move? How does this experience change the way you walk in your life now? The goal was to have intentional time to reflect on and acknowledge what had just happened and allow that experience the shape who they are becoming.

We had a time where the students prepared a presentation of photos and information from their trips that they presented in front of the staff here at Camp Qwanoes. This was an amazing opportunity for the staff who have been praying for and supporting the students to hear in detail some of the things that happened on their trips.

At the end of the week, we quickly transitioned from mission trips into class mode. Monday morning we welcomed back our first prof of the year Cal McFarlane to teach Interdisciplinary Studies.

Throughout the week students learned about philosophy, dealing with terms like modernism and postmodernism in relation to identifying different eras of time that have shaped the world and culture we live in today ultimately affecting the lense in which we view our relationship with Jesus and understanding of who God is.

This class has been one of the more challenging classes academically and is pushing the students to think deeply about the things that they have been learning all year and understand the root of some of the concepts they have been wrestling with.

We are proud of our students as they continue to push hard into their academics even as the end of the year is coming into sight, but we are anticipating God doing and teaching us all so much more as we continue to press into the next month and a half together.

Please Pray For:
Students to continue to be open to seeing the ways in which God wants to use them for the remainder of the year.

Students to press into community with one another as the end of the year approaches quickly.

Students to continue to learn what living in The Way of Jesus means practically for them.

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