Monday, March 23, 2020

Week 27: Crabbing

After a week of class, we had some nice weather for us to be able to do some crabbing off our dock here at Qwanoes anticipating a crab feast at the end of the week. 

With an exam Monday afternoon we took a quick study break in the morning and we all went down to the dock to learn how to set the traps, replenish the bait, identify the crabs that we can keep and the ones to throw back into the water. 

Everyone was separated into teams and the teams were put into time slots to go and check the traps and replenish the bait. This way, everyone had a chance to pull up the traps and handle the crabs over the course of our crabbing days. 

We put the exam behind us and began to focus on crabbing and homework for the upcoming class. 

The first day we only pulled up a couple crabs. and the second morning and afternoon only a few more. We were not quite sure why we were not pulling up more crabs and we began to ask ourselves; do the crabs just not like our bait? are they escaping from the traps? are there just not many active crabs this year? So Tuesday afternoon we added a few things to our bait and sure enough that night when we checked the traps, we pulled up many more. Our total number of crabs doubled and tripled very quickly and with our crab cooking in sight, it began to look less like a snack and more like a feast.

Wednesday, we had another day pulling up crabs having a blast in the nice weather while picking away at some homework.

Thursday was the day of the feast, we pulled up our last trap and had collected enough crabs for everybody to have their own crab and then have some leftover. 

We gathered around a fire at the beach and learned how to break open the crabs to get at the meat. Then we cooked them up, dipped them in butter and had a blast snacking on crab and hanging out around the fire for the afternoon. 

We had an absolute blast crabbing and spending that time together. Since then, we have had a whirlwind of a time with the rising outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada and the world, so stay tuned for a blog post later this week for an update on how we have responded here at Camp Qwanoes with the Kaléo program in the midst of this global pandemic. 

Please pray for:
- Our students to continue to press into what God has for them in their lives. 
- Our students to continue to stay on top of their academics and that they would allow God to speak to them through what they are learning. 
- Our students to be a light to those around them during a fearful time.

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