Thursday, December 3, 2020

Week 11

Week 11

    This week was much more what you might call "lowkey" compared to your typical Kaleo week. The students had a lot of time this week to work on papers and other schoolwork. There was also a couple unique chapels like our Worship chapel. So instead of the usual format we sang songs to God the whole time which was super awesome. At another chapel Dwight Geiger (a former maintenance man here at camp and current pastor) taught us about the Shema. 

Day Hike (Tuesday)

    On Tuesday we embarked on a day hike on Maple Mountain. We split up into four different groups and hiked a loop that hugged the coast and then went up the mountains on the way back to camp. On this hike there is a look-out  with some wooden crosses which are a bit of an attraction on the mountain. Afterwards we headed to Club Coco and decorated some blank mugs with sharpies. Each person got to decorate their own mug which will be part of the Christmas gift exchange at the end of the semester. There were some super fun and creative designs made and some really artsy ones too. All together a super fun day and a great week. 

    Upcoming Events and Prayer Requests:

    - The students have an upcoming class: Intro to Christian Theology with Merrill Dyck, starting on the 7th.

    - There will be a lot of papers and major assignments to finish as the semester closes.

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