Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Week 20: Foundations of Church Ministry


    This past week the students were in Foundations of Church Ministry with Professor David Lee. In this class the students tackled issues such as discerning calling, spiritual gifting, the challenge of change, discipleship, how this all relates to the church as a whole, and more! David was able to teach the class in person which was a breath of fresh air for the students. 

    "It really has shaped and influenced the way I view the church and my role as a part of it. Plus, the man's a G." - Patrick Braun on Foundations of Church Min.

    In other news it was my BIRTHDAY ON FEBRUARY SIXTH! So the entire campus rejoiced!

    We watched the super bowl on Sunday which was mega fun. Later that night we had a beach fire and sang some worship songs. 

       We have been gearing up for our upcoming mission trip as well. We were not able to run our typical Vancouver and Mexico mission trips this year, but have come up with an exciting alternative. We will be connecting and working with ministries in Nanaimo, Victoria, and Duncan over the next couple weeks (February 11th-23rd).  In Nanaimo we will be doing street ministry with Youth For Christ. In Victoria we will be partnering with Youth For Christ once again, cleaning the homes of some single moms they are connected to. In Duncan we are running all sorts of different ministries within the community such as, on Valentine's Day we are partnering with local churches to deliver meals to families. 

Prayer Items
- Our upcoming mission trip (Feb 11th-23rd)
- Safety (Covid-19, Travel, etc.)
- For God to work powerfully in and through us

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