Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Leadership Week, Recreation and Missions Prep (Week 16 & 17)

Welcome! In this edition of the blog we will look back on the last two weeks of the Kaleo program. Although mostly uneventful, these two weeks were still loaded with learning, stretching, and growing as a community and towards God.

Leadership Week

The students first big thing was the New Testament final exam. They wrote this test on Tuesday afternoon after having the weekend and Monday to study for it. This was an opportunity for the students to show how much they had learned in class and present their interactions with the Bible. Following the exam, the students worked to prepare for a youth night that they were hosting on Friday. Unfortunately, due to complications relating to COVID, the youth night had to be cancelled. Although we didn't get to see the hard work of preparation in action, the students showed great faithfulness and motivation in getting ready to host such an event. There was still lots of growth in communication, organization, and creativity. The remainder of the week was used to finish up any remaining homework. 

Missions Prep

The following week consisted of lots of workshops, meetings, more homework, and a day hike. The students participated in three workshops throughout the week. Two of them were specifically in preparation for our upcoming mission trips. These workshops provided understanding of missions, sharing the gospel, and a few really helpful tools in sharing about Jesus. The workshops were run by local and global seasoned veterans of the mission field. On top of the workshops, we also had a missions meeting discussing both trips and giving an opportunity to pray in preparation as well. 

Alongside the homework and workshops, there was an optional day hike on the Friday of this week. We took the students to Skutz Falls; a beautiful hike alongside a river in the Cowichan Valley. It was a very nice day for our hike and a great change of pace for both leaders and students. 


Some other fun things that our students have been up to recently is bouldering in Duncan, floor hockey here at camp, more day hikes, doing church together on Sunday evenings, and lots of board games as well!


What's Next

The students are currently in a class week and then we start our mission trips next Thursday. We would really appreciate prayer for our students (that they would learn lots this week in class, that God would prepare their hearts to serve on the mission trips, and protection from any schemes of the devil) and for us leaders (finishing up preparation for said mission trips). Thanks for tuning in to this edition of the Kaleo blog. Check in later to stay updated on all of our fun adventures!

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  1. Praying for your missions trip that God will equip each of you with a heart to hear and a heart to love.