Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New Testament Theology and Mt. Washington (Week 15 & 16)

Welcome back to the blog! Semester 2 here at the Kaleo Program is officially underway. There has been so much that has happened already; God has moved in incredible ways, and we've experienced so much community and adventure! Let's take a look at exactly what the students have been up to:

Introduction to New Testament Theology

After we welcomed the students back from Christmas break on Sunday they jumped straight into a class week with Wes Olmstead on Monday. The next five days were filled with lots of learning, questions, revelations, and biblical insight. Wes took the students on a journey through different gospels, letters, prophecies, and stories to help capture the heart of Jesus and the Kingdom that he brought to Earth. Although the days were long, the students learned so much during class and pressed into Wes' vast knowledge and wisdom of the Bible. By the end of the week their brains were full and their energy was spent. 

Over the weekend the anticipation for the upcoming trip was building so to refocus on God they held a spontaneous worship and prayer night. There was lots of sharing, praying for each other and a safe trip, and worshipping God. It was a great way to bond together and grow close to God. The students also held an evening service on Sunday night and watched a church service together. 

Mt. Washington Ski Trip 

The next morning everyone was up bright and early and we headed to Mount Washington. Once we made it there the first thing we did was go snowshoeing. Everyone strapped up, grabbed lunches and headed into the bush. We followed a similar trail that we took for our hiking trip in the first semester. The valley we were in was gorgeous and the weather was perfect for our hike. Once we arrived at our lunch spot the students took a break, ate lunch, and then were split into teams to for a quinsy building contest. (A quinsy is basically a snow cave used for survival purposes in case somebody had to spend a night in the forest). The students were then judged based on survivability, aesthetics, and presentation of their quinsy's. To wrap up our break we had a backwards snowshoe race before we headed back to the vehicles. That evening was spent hanging out in the lodge, playing games and encouraging each other. Each night of the trip we intentionally spent time encouraging and uplifting all of the students and leaders individually. It was a really cool time to pour out God's truth on the community and it served as a huge community bonding moment.

The next day was our first day on the slopes. Everyone was up early again getting ready for the day. Once everyone had all their gear and passes we hit the mountain. Although the conditions on the first day weren't the greatest it was still a ton of fun getting to ski and snowboard! There were lots of people learning for the first time and lots of people who were seasoned veterans. After a long day of shredding on the slopes everyone retired to the chalet - exhausted, sore, but content from a good day of skiing. That evening was also spent hot tubbing, playing more games, and encouraging each other. Each encouragement night was extremely powerful and we saw God knock down pre-existing walls/lies that had been built up in people's minds. 

The third day of the trip was our day off. We got to sleep in, rest our sore bodies, and spend the day hanging out in community. There were SO MANY board and card games played, people went hot tubbing, took naps, and enjoyed each others presence. There were a few students who built a snow jump behind the lodge and practiced tricks, etc. The evening was, similarly, spent encouraging and uplifting each other. For supper we ate like royalty; indulging in steak, mushrooms, and potatoes. The next day we were back on the slopes.

In contrast to our first day skiing and boarding the second day on the mountain was beautiful. It was warm, sunny, and mostly dry! Lots of the learning and progress from the first day directly translated into success on the second day. People were hitting jumps, doing tricks, and simply killing it. It was an absolute blast to be able to ski and board with everyone. The view of the mountain range and the valley was also gorgeous and it was a real testament to our Creator! After our last day on the slopes it was more of the same in the evening; games, relaxing, hot tubbing, and encouragement. It was a great day and a very cool way to cap off the trip. 

The final morning we all packed up the lodge, cleaned and headed back to camp. Unfortunately we did have a little van trouble so a few of us had to stay back an extra little bit, but we made it back safe and sound in due time! Overall the trip went fantastic and it was a huge answer to prayer. Thankfully no one got sick or too terribly injured and everyone was able to go! 

What's Next

This past weekend the students have been studying for their final exam from their New Testament class. This upcoming weekend they are running a youth night for the Cowichan Valley and they have some remaining homework to finish up in the weeks ahead.

Prayer Requests

  • Thank God for an amazing trip; for the health and safety we had, for the awesome community we experienced, and for the beauty of His creation.
  • Healing for the students that did injure or re-injure themselves.
  • Continued growth together as a community and growth closer to God. 
  • Continued protection from Covid as a community.
Thanks for reading this edition of the blog. See you back next time for our next Kaleo update!

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