Thursday, November 25, 2021

Love Crofton, Caving and the Old Testament (Week 8, 9, & 10)

Welcome back to the blog! We have had a lot happen since our last update, so let's take a look back at everything that has happened since surfing!

Love Crofton


The week after surfing was our annual "Love Crofton" event. This is a student-led event that is primarily focused on serving the community around camp. Roughly a month before the event, the students handed out fliers to each house in Crofton. Then, in the weeks leading up to the event, our student leadership team planned and organized three days of community service. Those three days we were able to work for the community went really well! The students did a great job organizing and running the event and did even better at loving and serving the people they were working for. They were able to show the love of Jesus to so many in Crofton! Jobs the students performed included raking, painting, gutter cleaning, hedges trimming, and general yard maintenance. The students intentionally prayed for those they were working for and even asked them if they had any specific prayer requests. The week was a great learning experience for the students and a really tangible way to live out their faith in the community!



The week following Love Crofton was primarily dedicated to homework. However, on Tuesday we went on our caving trip to the Horne Lake Caves! The students loved it and it was a great break from homework. We were split into three different groups and rotated through three different caves. Each cave had its own cool experiences and features. Some unique features that we explored was climbing an in-cave water fall, squeezing through the cheese-grater (a very, VERY narrow walkway), crawling through running water, riding down a slide, and seeing the calcite that has built up over many, many years. Being surrounded by complete darkness was also a very sobering feeling and a great reminder of the light that Jesus is in the darkness of our world. This trip was a very cool way of exploring God's creation in a very unique setting. We made a pitstop at Coombs (a local market) and saw some goats on the way back to camp where the day concluded.



Old Testament Film

Every year, for the Old Testament class, the students have to make an interpretive film of the Old Testament. This year was no different. For the two weeks leading up to (as well as during) the week of class the students worked long and hard to complete the project. By nature, this project is meant to test students' leadership, communication, patience, and provide a fun way to portray well-known stories in a new light and, just like every year, it did just that. After the directors were picked the students were off to work. There was screen writing, acting, filming, costumes, props, and a lot of editing that happened in those two weeks leading up to their class. Through a lot of hard work and dedication the film came together just in time for the premier on the Friday of class week! It was a huge success! The staff and students watched it together and it was forty minutes of straight humour. If you can spare half an hour out of your day I would 100% give it a watch:

In the end, the project was a big success and the students had a lot of fun making it.

Old Testament Class

After the week of homework and filming the students were in class with Don Taylor for their Introduction to Old Testament Theology class. It was an extremely busy week balancing long class days, working on book reports, preliminary research projects, and editing the film. However, amidst all the chaos the students learned so much about the Old Testament. For many, this was the first time they had taken an in-depth look into the stories, structures, covenants, and redemption narrative that is the Old Testament. Don did an excellent job of covering a crazy amount of content while still diving deep into certain areas and, through it all, exposing the continuous plot line that leads straight to Jesus. The students wrote their final exam on Monday after a weekend of studying and finishing papers and now are turning to their first research paper of the year.

What's Next...

This week the students have guys and girls day, a Christmas decoration craft event, will be choosing the perfect Christmas tree, and will also have time to finish up homework from the previous classes. Their next class is Introduction to Christian Theology with Merrill Dyck in two weeks.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  • Eased stress levels among the students with their homework
  • For the province of BC in general with all of the flooding
  • For a few students who are grieving the losses of family members
  • Continued growth in students relationships with Jesus and with each other 

Thanks for reading! Check back in for future updates!

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