Thursday, December 16, 2021

Christian Theology and Wrapping Up Before Christmas (Week 13 & 14)

Welcome to the final blog post of the semester. The last week and a half of the semester has been busy; let's take a look back at what they've been up to:

Introduction to Christian Theology

Last week the students were in their final class of the semester with Merrill Dyck. They learned all about the Trinity, Calvinism, Arminianism, End Times, and so much more. As part of the class the students participated in the Great Debate (an assignment where they were given topics, teams, and sides of an argument to create) which took lots of time and dedication. The debate happened on Friday morning. There were two separate debates and two teams that debated each topic. All four teams did a really good job and made really good points on both sides of the arguments. After the debate, the students had their final exam on Friday afternoon. It was a long week but a good one and the students were definitely excited to be finished. 

Wrapping Up

In the last few days of the semester the students have had a lot of various activities going on alongside of their homework. On Saturday evening, we had a spike ball tournament that served as a good break from homework. We made teams, competed, and eventually crowned a champion! It was a lot of fun. Monday morning we had our gift exchange. Each student and leader had to get a mug that somehow represented themselves and wrap it. After the exchange we revealed who's mug was who's and committed to pray for the person who's mug we had chosen/stolen each time we used it! 

Monday night we had a talent show. Both staff and students participated and it was such a fun event. There was lots of humour and talent on display that night. We had lots of musical performances, slam poetry, water chugging competitions, skits, and even a light saver battle! Everyone had a blast and it was a great way to bond as staff and students before the break.

The last two days have been chalked full of homework. The students have two big research assignments due before they leave for home so everyone is working hard to finish these projects! Both the guys and the girls had one final small group on Tuesday night to finish the semester. The guys fasted and prayed during the day and broke fast together at Subway! It was a really cool way to reflect back on all God has done this semester and pray for strength over the break. The girls had a competitive scavenger hunt, watched Olaf the Movie, and went to McDonald's. This was also a great way to bond, spend time together, and take a break from the constant homework. 

As students are starting to leave for the break, everyone is excited for some much needed rest, reuniting with family, and celebrating Christmas. We will definitely miss our students over these two weeks but we are really excited for when they come back refreshed and ready for semester two! 

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer that students would get much needed rest over the break.
  • For opportunities to share all the ways that God has been teaching, stretching, and growing the students.
  • Safety traveling and protection from COVID.
  • That students will lean into everything God has for them in the second semester.

Thanks for checking in for the last blog of the semester. We hope to see you back in the New Year!

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