Monday, November 16, 2020

Caving: Week 9

    This past week we took a day trip to Coombs and the Horne Lake Caves.

    We went in two separate groups. The first group headed straight for the caves, took their tour and then went to Coombs on the way back. The second group went to Coombs first, explored the area and the shops, and then went to the caves afterwards.

The Caves

    To begin the tour, the guide lead us on a little hike to the caves, giving some history of the area on the way and explaining a bit about how the caves were discovered, the size of the caves, etc.

    There were two different caves we got to explore on the tour, each of them were super unique and locked with a metal gate. We got to see many different types of calcite formations, stalagmites, some large open spaces in the cave and some tight squeezes. There were lots and lots of daddy long legs and cave crickets (which are like normal crickets just much bigger). We also got to see how quartz, when rubbed against more quartz, lights up, almost like it's sparking. Lots of cool stuff.


    Coombs is a little tourist town on the way to Horne Lake. There is the famous Goats on the Roof (a novelty shop that literally has goats on the roof (usually)), Billy G's Donuts, an ice-cream shop, a board shop, a little pottery store, etc. It was a great spot to stop on a trip like this and putz around, maybe grab a Christmas gift for the family back home, who knows?

    This trip was a really nice break for the students from homework and filming for the Old Testament video.

Old Testament Filming

    Speaking of the Old testament video, the students have continued to be hard at work creating their video for their Old Testament class. It has been so much fun watching them film and interact as well as contributing to a few scenes. The filming has been mostly completed now and the students have moved to the editing phase.

Remembrance Day

    On remembrance day one of the students, Janae Deurksen, lead a remembrance day service. She talked about the history of remembrance day and the significance of it. We sang some songs and ended the service with a time of silence.

Prayer Items

- Class this upcoming week: Old Testament with Don Taylor
- The absolutely massive Covid Outbreak here at Qwanoes. No one is safe, the virus will get us all...

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