Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love Crofton: Week 8

To start off our week, Colburn (Our Male Student Life Assistant) gave a chapel on Service. It was great being reminded of our purpose in serving others to glorify God and build his kingdom. This led us into our next three days of serving Crofton.

Love Crofton
Every year around this time, the community around camp starts to get excited for Love Crofton. This is a three-day event run and organized by the Kaleo Students partnered with Warmland Church. This year, students helped around the town of Crofton by doing any outdoor work needed. This involved anything you could think of from raking leaves, cleaning gutters, to chopping wood and taking out blackberry bushes. Not only did the students get to provide service, but also a listening ear. This opportunity is incredible for Kaleo students to form relationships with their neighbours in Crofton. It was impactful for both students and the community.

There was some great feedback from our local Crofton Facebook page. One person posted, "A big shoutout to Thomas and Olivia who are students at Camp Qwanoes. They came despite the rain and worked all day to help me with my winter clean up. They managed to do the entire yard. They even rebuilt my Inukshuk. Thank you so much

Another had said, "Thanks to the young man & young lady from Camp Qwanoes for cleaning out our Eve's troughs in the rain today. Unfortunately, I didn't get their names. We appreciate the love shown to Crofton from the camp & Warmland Church. God bless you throughout your lives, young people. May you shine for our Lord."

Many students loved serving so much that they are planning to go back throughout the year to some of the houses they volunteered at and finish up some more work for them and getting to know them better.

(a little relaxing after a long day of work)

Testimony Time
After Love Crofton, students got to hear each of the leader's testimonies. We set out a time for this so that not only do we get to know the students, but they also get to understand who we are and how God has worked in our lives. It was really beautiful as each leader got to be prayed for by a student. 

Old Testament Filming
During the weekend, students have officially started their Old Testament filming. We'll leave the theme a surprise until it's finished, but so far it's looking really good! It's become a common occurrence to see students dressed up in crazy costumes as you walk through the hallways now. They've only just begun, but we are very proud of the way they are striving to lead this in a way that will glorify God and unite the community together. 

Prayer Requests:
- For continued relationship building within the community of Crofton
- For students to be able to organize their time well between filming, homework, and class
- For the group to be united rather than divided during this time of filming together

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