Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Prayer and Leadership Week (Week 7)

Prayer and Leadership Week

    This past week was prayer and leadership week. We had a prayer room set aside that students would sign up to spend hour long "shifts" in to spend time with God. They each signed up for four 1 hour time slots (roughly one a day). Many students found this time really refreshing and challenging. We had chapels on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning focusing on hearing from God and embracing his guidance. In addition to this we had several leadership workshops led by some of the staff and leadership team.

    One of the workshops was about balance in leadership. Why and how to manage what fills you up and what drains you, so to speak. To demonstrate this visually, Korey brought a bucket covered in holes that were sealed with duct tape, he then had the students fill a the bucket as fast as they could with ocean water using only four cups. Then he had them do that again but he would slowly start removing the pieces of duct tape so that the water would begin to drain faster and faster, making it harder to fill the bucket. He then allowed a certain amount people to try to cover the holes. This was a visual representation of what can happen when we bite off more than we can chew and get burnt out. We need to find what fills us and drains us so that we can have a healthy balance of both.

    Harvest Party
    On October 31st, we had a mega Harvest Party! Everyone came dressed up in creative costumes (the girls all came as old ladies), we had a pumpkin carving contest, snacks, candy and punch, and watched a movie. 
   For the pumpkin carving contest, the students were separated into teams (their rooms) and had to carve a pumpkin and give it a backstory. Then each team presented their pumpkin (accompanied with music or sound effects upon request), and at the end we judged to determine the ultimate, mega, best pumpkin! Room 209 (David, Nolan, and Luke) was the winner. 

    Afterwards we had the students vote: movie, or karaoke/air-band. Everyone was ready to chill at this point and the resounding consensus was: It's movie time!

Thus completed week seven of the Kaleo program, 2020/2021.

Ways Get Involved

Prayer Items:
- Love Crofton: Safety, Good Weather, that God would be glorified.
- Health and safety: Covid-19 wouldn't reach camp.
- Friendships would continue to flourish.

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